Trade-Up Program

The Braswell & Son Trade-Up program allows our customers to trade up to another item at a discounted price. Here's how it works:

Original Purchase
You buy ANYTHING from our stores. For example, it could be a Louis Vuitton handbag, a Tiffany and Co. ring, or a Rolex.

Wear It
You wear it and enjoy it for up to six months.

Time to Upgrade
After you've used and loved it, you bring it back to the store and we'll pay you 60% of what you originally paid when you upgrade.

Trade Up, You Say?
What's the definition of trade up? You decide! Is it a smaller bag? Larger bag? A new diamond bracelet? Gorgeous new timepiece? More expensive bag?

You decide YOUR trade up.

Please contact our store to assist with putting your chosen item(s) into layaway. Please complete the below contact information or reach out to our main store by calling (501) 228-7296 or texting (501) 273-3362. We want to ensure your happiness and answer all your questions.

Braswell Trade-Up Program

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